What People Are Saying About Our Products

These are a few of the complimentary e-mail comments we’ve received from customers.
We trust you will find that our pellet is one of the best on the market.

Dear Sirs,
Just a note to tell you how much I like using your “Barefoot Pellets” – I am 94 years old, and have been using my pellet stove for 10 years. I just started using your pellets 2 years ago. BOY what a DIFFERENCE!
Burn better – no sawdust in bag – low ash – great heat! I purchased them from Murphy Lumber Co. in White Haven, PA.

– Mace B.

I can’t say enough about Barefoot pellets. They are consistently a high-quality product. Please keep your standards high and never settle! I was running low on Barefoot pellets (actually ran out) and had to purchase another couple brands of pellets to hold me over until the couple tons of Barefoot came in. I tried FOUR other brands of pellets and they were all awful. The ash they produced was an insanely high amount and their heat output was non-existent. Fast forward to yesterday when I finally got my Barefoot pellets and the difference is night and day. I set my Harman at the VERY SAME settings as I had the other pellets and rather than my house barely getting above 64 during the night, I woke up at 3 am to my home being unbearably hot at 78. I can’t say enough and I appreciate the quality of your product. As I said, please DO NOT EVER sacrifice your quality – this is what separates you from everyone else. I have used a lot of pellets in my day however I have never seen the night-and-day difference so vivid. I always recommend Barefoot pellets to my friends, colleagues and pretty much anyone.
– Matt T.

My wife and myself have been burning these pellets for years. This is the only brand I will use. I have tested numerous other brands before finding Barefoot. The research stopped as soon as we burned a 10 bag test run. No dust, hardly any ash, and burns hot. Keep up the good work Barefoot!!!
– Ben I.

Great people and great products! Barefoot has all your pellet needs for home heating and grilling pellets, even the grills to use them in.
– Todd B.

The best pellets out there! barring none. Always high heat and very low ash.
– Paul M.

I just had to write to Barefoot Pellet after trying your product for the first time. I have a Harmon PF100 Pellet Furnace which is my PRIMARY source of heat for my home, and this fall season I decided to do an internet search of top quality pellets. Well I spotted Barefoot Super Premium advertised as <.5% ash, and <5% Fines and high BTU output. I then located a local dealer (Forest Inn Masonry Supply Inc) in Lehighton, PA. What a good Dealer you selected too ! These people are great to work with. Stopped by at FIMS Inc. on my way home from work and purchased 15 bags of Barefoot to give them a try. Well as of now, I AM TOTALLY SOLD on your Pellets. The heat output is toasty to say the least, and the low ash content is wonderful. Looks like this is in fact the BEST PELLET AROUND if you ask me. Since I had nearly a ton left from last season of another brand, I decided to buy a ton of Barefoot to get me through this season. I am already talking with Forest Inn Masonry Supply Inc. to order my 2018 season needs and to have them delivered to my home. Whatever you are doing in the production process, and or, the materials being used. Don’t change a thing, because you do have the right formula working for you !! Thanks Barefoot for a wonderful Product that IS TRULY a Super Premium rated Pellet!
Walnutport, PA

I have had my pellet stove for 3 years now and I started with Barefoot pellets and have no reason to change as they burn excellent with very little to clean up after. Keep up the good quality.
Mike H.
Oriental, PA

Good day…I am a recent convert to your product. I have a Breckwell P2000 insert and until this year had been using Dry Creek for the past 10 years. I decided to buy one ton of Barefoot to satisfy my curiosity.
I could not believe the difference. Your pellets burn much hotter. They appear to be harder with less dust, and I noticed that the sounds of the pellets hitting my hopper made a clinking sound as opposed to the Dry Creek (that were muted). Additionally, many bags of Dry Creek had pellets that seemed to decompose and create large grains of saw dust in the bag. Overall, I will NEVER burn anything else in my stove but Barefoot. I have never before been moved to respond to a product…consider this a whopping endorsement.
Tony C

I have used Barefoot Pellets this whole winter and loved them!!! Burned very clean!! Can’t wait to buy more…Thank You!!
Sean D – Massachusetts

Hello & Good Day,
I just have to say that these are the best pellets that I have used. I was ready to junk my stove last year after going through maybe 4 tons and freezing. This year I got smart and shopped around. Your pellets burned twice as hot at the same settings on the stove. It was like getting a free ton of pellets.

Thank you again, you have a great product.

Gary B.

Several weeks ago I wrote you asking about dealers in my area that stocked Barefoot Pellets. You gave me an address for “H” in New York and they were great people, Thank You!

We got a pellet stove 1 month ago and I knew very little about the stove or the fuel. We made a good choice with a Quadra-Fire Sante Fe but the pellet issue was a bit more complicated. After visiting Hearth.com I heard some great recommendations about your pellets. Quite simply, they burn HOT and very clean. Your pellets are well worth the extra money and I am very satisfied.

I will now use your pellets exclusively so PLEASE do not change your formula or quality.


Mr. & Mrs. R.
Leroy, NY 14482

We recently moved in to a new house and they had about 1/2 a pallet of your wood pellets left in the basement. A we have tried many different varieties and have found that your pellets burn the cleanest and warmest. Unfortunately I do not know where to buy you pellets. We are located in Rochester, NY 14620. Can you provide me with a list of distributors in the Western New York area? Thank you for your time.


Dear Barefoot,

This heating season, I purchased 3 tons of you pellets from Agway in Endicott, NY. You always hear when something goes wrong but these have been the best pellets I’ve burned to date. They burn well, produce little ash, and they don’t cause jams in the pellets stove. Last year, I used “IH” and the year before I tried “E”, both of which caused jams in my stove. I tried “DC” one year but they seemed to not give off as much heat and I consumed them at a higher rate.

I plan on getting another 3 ton next season and I will have no problem recommending them to my friends that have stoves.

Bottom line for me is you guys make a great pellet and please keep doing what you’re doing! All your workers who make these wood pellets should be very proud of what they produce. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene K

I just wanted to let you know, that your pellets are by far the best on the market. The heat content and the very, very, low ash content, far outshines the competition. Last year I had trouble getting Barefoot from my local Agway dealer. I ordered 4 ton of pellets and they could only deliver one ton of barefoot. The other three tons were competitor’s brands. Please keep the supplies of Barefoot rolling, as the other three ton were a real pain to burn. I had to clean my stoves almost daily due to ash build up. With barefoot I can go several days between cleanings. The real bonus is the heat output. I always stay warm and comfortable with the barefoot. The other brands throw heat but pale in comparison. I just wanted to thank you for such a great product, and to ask that you keep my local Agway supplied this year. If they run out I will track down the Barefoot Pellets somewhere else, no matter how incontinent it is for me.
Thank You
Gary L. – Gloversville NY


I am inquiring about purchasing your pellets. We have tried other brands only because we were unable to get your brand. We found these other brands to be of less quality and we would love to purchase your
Barefoot brand again. Thank you for your time and know that you have the best pellets I’ve found that are on the market.
Penny S. – Broadalbin, N.Y.

I must write back and say thank you. After reading your response, I turned down the pellet speed and saw significant improvement with much less ash; I am amazed at how low I turned down the speed to and how well Barefoot pellets burned. I have to say I believe I paid for a quality pellet and received one with Barefoot – Richard L.

Bought a ton of your pellets thru “PD” this January. Prior to this shipment I have used several brands bought locally. NONE performed as well as your product. I’m going to order 3 ton more in the spring. Great product!!!

Hello. Just a short note to say how satisfied I have been with Barefoot wood pellets. Last year I purchased 3 tons of “L” brand with my new Quadra-Fire stove. This year I decided to try 3 tons of Barefoot. What a pleasant difference. Unlike with the “L” brand, this year I have yet to detect a “clinker” in the firepot; just a spoonful of ash each day. It makes the cleaning process easier and quicker. There also appears to be less pellet dust to deal with, in the bag. I intend to stay with Barefoot from now on. It may cost a little more, but it’s well worth it.
Rich O. – Womelsdorf, Pa.

I purchase your pellets where I purchased my stove in Stroudsburg, Pa. Unfortunately, they only allow customers to purchase 10 bags a week. I find your pellets to be superior to any others I have purchased and was wondering if there was any other place I could buy them. As you can imagine, it’s kind of a pain to have to make a weekly run for pellets.
Barb B.

I’ve used your pellets for 2 years, love them. I’ve tried others, but they can’t compare with yours. I set my feed with Barefoot at 2 1/2, I need feed at 4 or 5 with “L” to get the same heat. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Bill D.

THANK YOU for your high-quality wood pellets. I’ve used other brands over the years, but yours are doing a much better job of keeping us warm than others have. There is very little ash — we’ve only emptied the ash pan a couple of times so far. Very clean burning.
Thank you, again.
Barbara K. – Brooktondale, NY

Good Morning,

I just wanted to comment on the Barefoot pellets and how great they are. This is our first year with a pellet stove and it has been up and down in getting pellets to burn in it this season. After getting on different lists we were able to purchase three different brands of pellets and I have to say that the Barefoot are the best by far! We can’t believe the difference in the heat that it throws out compared to the other brands and living in central NY it’s been a very cold winter so far. We run the stove on speed 2 and at different times we’ve had to turn it down to 1 as we would start sweating! We will be loyal Barefoot customers from now on no matter where we have to get them. We are buying them now from in Manlius NY so hopefully you will keep supplying them.

Thank you for your great product!!

Connie H.

Hello. my name is M. G., I am a homeowner that uses Barefoot wood pellets in my stove. They are the best burning pellets I have ever used. I do live in Tioga County, Pa. Thank you.

Hello. I just wanted to comment on your Barefoot wood pellets. My husband and I recently bought our first home, and with the cost of fuel oil being so high at the time, we decided to purchase a pellet stove. Well, once we received our stove, we went out and purchased a ton of pellets that I believe were N E. Not bad, but certainly not the best. Because my husband got laid off, we were then forced to go even cheaper. We only bought 10 bags of these cheaper pellets ( I can’t even recall the name), but that’s a mistake we’ll never make again! This last trip, the only pellets available were Barefoot, so we decided to give them a try. I just wanted to let you know, that in all honesty, we will never be satisfied with another brand again. What do you do with your pellets that makes them so different from the rest? Wood is wood, isn’t it? How do you manage to get them to burn so cleanly and leave such a minimal mess behind? I just wanted to let you know that you have 2 VERY satisfied customers (technically 4, because now our neighbors swear by your pellets as well.) Thanks for taking the time to understand what customers are really looking for, and actually doing it. Thanks for your time, and an incredible product! ~Kate M.

I have used your Barefoot Pellet for 3 years now ! They are the clean us burning fuel I have used in the 6 years I used Pellet’s as fuel. Thank you for a very good fuel – M.M.

We have had a pellet stove since 1993 but this is the first time we have used your wood pellets. After using “DC”, “E”, and many other brands from across the country (sold through Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club) we just wanted to let you know “Barefoot” works the best of all others in our “Avalon” stove. Thanks For A Good Product At A Fair Price!
Roger & Judy P.

Last year we were given 10 bags of your pellets; these were by far the best pellets we’ve ever had. We have owned a pellet stove for well over 10 years, and have tried many different brands, the low ash, and clean burning of your pellets were very impressive. Thank you – A. B.